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Lekki House Painting
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Since the year 1999 I do administration, customizing and programming for several forums, communities and social networks. In the year 2013 I switched from another PHP framework to WordPress. Because not all plugins I’d like to have exist already I wrote some own plugins and I think I’ll continue to do so. If you have the scope at forums or social networks my other modules might also be interesting for you. Just take a look at my WordPress Profile to see all my Plugins. Use them and if my work helps you to save time, earn money or just makes you happy feel free to donate – Thanks. The donation link can be found at the right sidebar next to this text.
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Art Line | An interview with Ilat Knayzeh
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Inspiration Inspired by the African culture, the tribal life and the oriental cultures, you can see the diversity of colors and the bold yet beautiful combinations she uses. Ilat’s abstract paintings made her realize that all humans originated from the same place, yet one painting can be seen in a million different ways by different persons. She uses colors to express feelings like anger and happiness.
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