• Tue21April 2015
  • The Worst Personality Type for the Environment

    Sorry, Kermit the Frog — you may have to share your personal theme song, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” with the extroverts.

    Researchers from the United Kingdom recently investigated if personality type could be linked to green behaviors. In order to test this theory, study experts examined the lifestyles and habits of 204 adults over the age of 50. The type of green activities asked about via survey included turning off the TV and lights, making sure faucets weren’t running too long, buying recycled products and bringing their own bags to the grocery store.

    And the results were surprising: On a scale of one to five — one being living a limited green life and five being adopting a very green way of living — the most outgoing group of them all scored as the least likely to be green, ranking in at 3.26. (The conscientiousness group scored the highest at 4.14.)

    Adopting green behavior gets an increasing amount of attention at the moment due to extensive media coverage,” Sianne Gordon-Wilson, study co-author and Senior Lecturer from University of Portsmouth, explains to Yahoo Health. “Even this week, with the G7 leaders agreeing to phase out fossil fuel emissions, we, therefore, expected there to be a higher possibility of this being a topic of discussion among extroverts, due to their characteristics of being sociable, active, person-orientated and talkative.

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